IT Asset Disposition. At its simplest definition, ITAD is a process of management of retired end of life assets. Primarily, these assets exist as IT electronics, and they often still retain market value as reusable equipment in the secondary market.

At its most complex, ITAD is a wide-ranging program that integrates the needs of multiple departments, corporate philosophies and priorities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Security

  • Value Recovery

  • Responsible Management of Recycling.

A strong ITAD program deals with these necessities, and is able to respond, no matter the location or language.


Our Mission

At ITAD Solutions, our goals are to integrate superior customer service into the facets of Data Security, Value Recovery, and ewaste Management.

At a global level, our mission is to fuse our network of over 120 partners into a standardized, consolidated solution for all of your ITAD needs.